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Ambitious Souls - Original

by Josie Appleby

This original is available to buy.

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  • Original, Mixed Media on Canvas
  • Framed
  • Signed Josie Appleby
  • Image, 100.0 x 150.0cm approximately
  • Framed, 105.5 x 155.5cm approximately

This original painting by Josie Appleby is framed in a hand finished frame and supplied with a certificate of authenticity.


Hand finished frames give a unique character to an original painting as an almost infinite combination of profiles, finishes and colours are possible.

Standard framing involves cutting and joining pre-finished mouldings to make the frame.

Hand finished framing requires a skilled craftsman who will first select a suitable frame profile which is cut and joined to make a bare wood frame.  The frame is then finished using a combination of traditional and contemporary techniques and materials.  Depending on the finish chosen a frame may take many days to complete as component layers are built up to achieve the desired result. 

The result is a completely bespoke frame made to uniquely complement the original painting.  To this end, no two hand finished frames are ever exactly the same.

For this original painting we have chosen a 2.4cm wide stained dark wood finish over which a wax is applied.  The frame style is called a 'tray' frame.  This is because the canvas sits inside the frame with a small gap between the edge of the canvas and the frame.  The front of the frame is level with the surface of the painting rather than the frame covering the front edge of the painting as is more typical.  This allows the frame to provide a border for the image without encroaching or dominating it.


Born in London in 1991, Josie Appleby was educated at Watford Grammar School for Girls and later attended ‘Instituto Marangoni’ - one of the most credible fashion schools in Europe. She was offered an internship at British luxury Fashion House, Alexander McQueen, after just her first year of a graduate degree.

Along with her creative success, Josie experienced several tragedies through the years. She found solace in the care and company of horses, and refining her craft creating portraits and commissions, which were greatly received by the equestrian community.

Having also undertaken 2 years of an Equine Sports Therapy degree her deep understanding and knowledge of the subject and her profound passion and flair for art and design is clear to see in her wonderfully atmospheric paintings. Her paintings are layered with beautiful sentimentality, each begun using the favoured tools of her late father, and capturing her adoration for the subject in a contrast of vulnerability and strength.


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