Sculpture, Original Works of Art & Limited Edition Prints 


by Joshua De Lisle

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  • Hand Forged Steel Sculpture
  • Signed by Joshua De Lisle
  • Original Sculpture
  • Sculpture, 32cm x 40cm x 15cm approximately


By fire and hammer Joshua uses his unique gifting in metal craftsmanship to form beautiful and complex sculptures that border the limits of design and creation whilst inspired by his passion and deep rooted connection to the natural world. Joshua De Lisle says -


“My work is a tribute of respect to both our heritage of the blacksmith, how they made all the crafts and technologies possible by their innovation in crafting metal and also to the unparalleled beauty and majestic significance of the natural world designed and created by God”


Like an original painting, every one of Joshua’s pieces can be considered ‘unique’ because of the nature of how they are made by hand without the use of moulds. Joshua uses the ancient Blacksmithing techniques to manipulate a range of formless bars of metal into beautiful and purposefully made artefacts; from wrought iron and stainless steel to titanium Alloys and Bronzes. Joshua also likes to encourage other craftsman by incorporating their mediums within his pieces such as glass, stone and wood. Joshua commits himself to pushing the boundaries of his skills and seeks to bless others with the most beautiful works of Art he can produce. 


De Lisle Designer Blacksmith was founded in 2009. Within his first year, he was invited to submit his designs to Royal Richmond Park for the St. Paul's Tercentenary Gate project. At the age of just 19, Joshua’s work was chosen above several other submissions, from public art sculptors and well-seasoned professional blacksmiths, by Richmond Park and the Goldsmith family, to create this beautiful and symbolic piece of monumental public art ‘The Way’ gates.
In May 2012 Joshua was invited to design and create his award winning Stag Beetle boot jack as a gift on behalf of the Royal Parks for her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee visit to Richmond Park.
In 2013 Joshua displayed his sculptures at the national county shows where his work was judged by the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths, who then awarded Joshua the title of National Champion Blacksmith 2013.







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