J&J (Jay Fortune and Jen Allen)

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J&J is a collaborative series of paintings using to the fullest the combined talents of two of this country’s most creative and talented artists, Jay Fortune and Jen Allen.

Together, Jen and Jay are creating a series of works depicting some of the worlds most iconic figures from the world of cinema and the arts. Working separately and passing each painting to one another as soon as they feel satisfied with their individual contributions, they build each work to a finished image with a sense of vibrancy and fun doing a unique justice to all these historic figures.

 Jay Fortune spent many years after Art School following his other passion becoming a very successful magician. Work on a number of books as a illustrator and continuing to sketch led in 2018 to Jay deciding to focus on his art and he hasn’t looked back! Portraits commissioned include Uri Geller and Derren Brown.

Jen Allen has spent most of her working life as a professional artist using her experience as an illustrator, designer and even a circus performer to create bold, innovative paintings which elevate any subject she chooses.

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