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  • Colour Choices in Our Homes
    We spend a lot of time carefully perusing paint swatches and flicking through fabric samples to find the colours that are 'just right' for our homes, even finding ourselves revisiting them and redecorating only a few years later.

    Not only do we make colour choices to reflect and help communicate the way in which we are currently feeling but we might also choose specific colours to influence how we aspire to feel.
  • A Brief History of Mother's Day or Mothering Sunday
    In modern Britain the more often, and more commercially, referred to 'Mother's Day', is the fourth Sunday of lent and was traditionally known as Mothering Sunday. It has been observed by both Christian and Roman Catholic Churches since the Middle Ages and the UK is even believed to be the first country in the world to have dedicated a day for mothers.
  • A Resurgence in Popularity for Figurative Art
    In recent months, after an arduous couple of years of museums sitting empty when the world was plunged into a communal lockdown, a number of high profile figurative art exhibitions have popped up in galleries and institutes around the globe. This has brought about a resurgence in the prominence of
    figurative art in popular culture...And the trend is set to continue in throughout 2022 in locations including London's Tate Modern, The Metropoloitan Museum of Art, Melbourne's National Gallery of Victoria, and Florence's Museo Novecento.
  • Valentine's Day – How Romantic Love is Depicted in Art

    Celebrated every February 14th, Valentine's Day originated from the Christian feast day of Saint Valentine, a Roman Empire clergyman who, on that date, was martyred and buried in a Christian cemetery on the Flaminian Way.

    Although he died in 260 AD, it wasn't until 496 AD that the Feast of Saint Valentine was observed, and even later still (around 1000 – 1250 AD) before it became associated with the tradition of 'courtly love'.

  • Burst the 'Blue Monday' Bubble

    The term 'Blue Monday' is coined as such because it is arguably considered to be the most 'depressing' day on the calendar, typically falling on the third Monday in January.

    The idea appears to have stemmed from a now defunct TV Travel Channel in the early 2000s, and their claim to have developed a formula to calculate the date, taking into account factors like average hours of daylight, days until the next pay day, average temperature, etc.

  • Give the Gift of Kindness this Christmas
    The big day is on its way. And whilst many people will be excited for the festivities to come, some may be feeling conflicted.  Some love the song, lights and festive hubbub. But others can struggle with social interaction and may experience anxiety at the mere thought of gatherings at this time of year.
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