Bio : Jen Allen

Jen graduated from art school in 2000 and has pursued a career as a professional artist for over 20 years. Her innovative style and gift for interpretation has made her one of this country’s most exciting established artists.

Jen has drawn on her experience of working in the fields of illustration, set painting, prop making and also her work as a circus performer. All have made their mark on her work today as her paintings have a distinctive quality about them, combining a unique use of colour and contrast to create bold, dynamic compositions.

Working as an artist is Jen’s passion. She loves the creative process involved in working on new projects. Her paintings are a new take on a familiar subjects and their success and collectability is a just reward for her pushing the boundaries of those traditional subjects.  
Jen has held exhibitions in many prestigious galleries and has a large group of celebrity and business collectors. One particular collection of paintings was even lost at sea on its way to a show leading Jen to ponder whether she has the longest running art show below the waves!