Bio : Helen Rhodes

Artist and designer, Helen, was born in 1970 in Newcastle-under-Lyme,Staffordshire. Now residing in Leicestershire, she works from her studio at her home “The Acorns”, often sitting in an old pink armchair with her dog Bagelbee on her lap, watching the birds in the garden and daydreaming of buttercup meadows and cow parsley hedgerows.

Her imaginative paintings are inspired by such scenes, and she enjoys merging her love of nature with a heartfelt desire to make a small difference in people’s lives especially during tough times - creating uplifting, light-hearted work to add brightness to the world.

Helen studied Textile Design at Loughborough College of Art and Design from 1989-1992, and her fascination with the subject has clearly inspired the basis for her own illustrations, which feature elements that emulate the look of woven textile geometry.

Her instantly recognisable artistic style is created on paper using mixed media - including household paint, oil paint, and gouache - and the techniques which she honed at art college contribute to a distinctiveness that makes her work unequivocally her own.