Bio : Bev Horsley

“Colour is my inspiration and forms the basis of my practice exploring form, light, texture and above all those crucial details which bring a painting to life.”

Bev Horsley moved from London to the country in order to become a full time artist, finding inspiration in the beautiful Shropshire countryside. Originally qualified as a graphic designer and illustrator, she worked for many years as an art director. 

Her particular love for animals and birds, both domestic and wild, has led her to create portraits that are full of life. She has a quirky sense of composition, which gives the viewer the feeling that her animals are clambering, or peeking out of the canvas to sniff and check them out.

She admits that colour forms the basis of her practice, using it in a very loose, dynamic way to capture light, form and texture. Colours and marks twist and turn, as if the animals are finding their forms through the material, adding to the sense of life and character.

This vibrancy is enhanced by her experimental use of media which includes acrylics, watercolour, pastels, collage and occasionally oils; and a variety of tools from feathers to bamboo sticks, sandpaper to old credit cards….."not forgetting paintbrushes (both ends!) and fingers."