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A Brief History of Father's Day

Posted on June 06, 2022 by Laura - | 0 comments
This day of celebration for fatherhood is said to date back to the early 1500s when the Catholic Church supported its celebration on Saint Joseph's Day, otherwise known as 'The Feast of Saint Joseph'. The day reveres the "Nourisher of the Lord" (as referred to in Catholicism) or "the putative father of Jesus" (as known in Southern European tradition), and so was a fitting time to mark appreciation for Fathers.

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Home Decor Trends for Summer 2022

Posted on May 30, 2022 by Laura - | 0 comments

As we make our way into the temperate month of June, let's take a look at 5 décor trends tipped to be big this summer.

1 - Limitless Luxe

Pinterest summarise the Limitless Luxe trend as a way of introducing a little luxury into the “least-expected corners of your home”, so that every nook and cranny radiates luxe, and even the utility room or under-stairs study area are filled with opulence.

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What's Hot in May 2022 – Love, Laughter, and Lunar Celebrations!

Posted on May 09, 2022 by Laura - | 0 comments

From ongoing pandemics to heart-breaking conflicts and rising heating costs, it has been yet another shaky start to everyone's year. But we're now nestled in the warmest month of spring, and hopefully many of us can look forward to brighter days to come.

Joyfully, May kicks off with the feel-good observances of Global Love Day and World Laughter Day; both falling on the first day of the month.

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Looking After Our Green Spaces and Britain's Urban Wildlife

Posted on May 02, 2022 by Laura - | 0 comments
You don't have to live in rural areas to find a wealth of wild animals in the UK. In Britain's towns and cities, it is possible to spot birds of prey, urban foxes, bumblebees, and tufted ducks to name just a few. The Wildlife Trust states, “The green spaces of our towns and gardens bring nature into our daily lives, brightening our mornings with birdsong and the busy buzzing of bees”.

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