Meet the Artist - Anthony Dobson

We have just released three striking new limited edition prints by our very own Anthony Dobson, which are all available to buy now on our website.

Although Anthony has been creating his captivating portfolio of wildlife themed images for several years now, some of you may be familiar with his former, and stunningly detailed, work in the area of motorsport.
Let’s have a closer look at Anthony and his fascinating artistic journey…
                                                                                                                               Born in West Yorkshire in 1971, he developed a keen interest in motorsport from an early age and, rather than doing homework, would instead spend his evenings drawing fast cars.
This rebellion paid off when he sold his first painting of Ayrton Senna when he was just 18.

Demand for commissions following this sale was so great that it led to Anthony turning down his place at university to study Graphic Design in order to fulfil the requests from clients including private collectors, car manufacturers and racing personalities.

His obsession with Formula One continued, a sport which embodies the ultimate fusion of cutting-edge technology, physical fitness and high-octane glamour.

Anthony would painstakingly paint a moment in time on the track, capturing that split second where a car passes the spectator with such speed that the surrounding landscape seems to elongate as if pulled along by the sheer power of the car.

Over the years many Formula One drivers have kindly autographed Anthony's work for his customers, including Nigel Mansell, Sir Jackie Stewart, Sir Stirling Moss, and John Surtees.

Anthony has worked not only as an artist, but also on the business side of the art world as a framer, printer and publisher.
Working commercially with artists and building up portfolios for clients has only enhanced his keen eye for colour, line and form.

With a flair for the commercial, technological and creative side of art, motorsport remained the focus of Anthony’s creative work for many years, until he recently took a dramatic departure from his usual subject and created a stunning and characterful collection of wildlife themed paintings.

Working primarily in oils, Anthony’s signature ‘meticulous, yet not overworked' style is retained in this new theme, displaying his familiar incredible eye for detail, colour and composition.

In his spare time, Anthony is a keen golfer, and now sponsors Corey Sheppard, who launched his professional golfing career in 2019, gaining his full card to play on The Europro Tour.

View Anthony's current collection of wildlife themed original paintings and limited edition prints on our website.

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